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Welcome to Arizona National Livestock Junior Show Online Entry System
Please make sure to read all the rules and regulations as published in the Arizona National Livestock Show Premium Book.
Before you begin the online Entry process, print out a printer friendly version of these instructions, this will help you to ensure that your Entries were completely processed.
Please contact the Arizona national office for any questions. We can be reached at (602) 258-8568 or email information@anls.org
First you will Log-in or Register if new exhibitor
1. In the upper right hand corner of the screen, click “Sign-in”.
2. On the next screen, choose "Exhibitor" or “Quick Group” from drop down box. (Use Quick Group if you are entering for multiple exhibitors and only wish to run your credit card once)
3. Fill out the exhibitor’s First and last name, then choose "I am a new exhibitor or have yet to register this year." If you have entered online in previous years, you will still choose the new exhibitor option. If you have submitted entries already this year, you would then choose "I have previously registered" and enter your password.
   a. If you are a new exhibitor this year, you will complete the information it asks for on the following page. (Verify that your email address is correct as this is where your receipt will be sent and information about the show) Click “Continue”
   b. Create a password using letters and/or numbers (Max 11 characters). Letters are case sensitive. Hint: Keep it short and simple.
   c. If you have registered this year, you will fill out your First and Last name and password to log back into the system.
  d. When entering as a Quick Group, after completing entries for the first exhibitor, but before “checking out”, select “add entries for another exhibitor” for all exhibitors you are entering for.
   e. Session will expire after 20 minutes of inactivity, so you should periodically click “Save the Cart”. This will help prevent you losing information and having to start over. If you have not entered anything or saved your cart, you will need to log back in as a new exhibitor.
4. Choose the appropriate Department, division and classes using the drop down tools. If you are entering multiple entries in the same division, you can click the “Add Similar Entry” button. To add a different entry, click the “Add Different Entry” button. (Refer to Premium Book at www.anls.org for rules and regulations.)
5. Once you are done adding entries to your cart, click the “Continue” Button. This will take you to the Additional Items Fee Page. Please add the appropriate and mandatory fees. We do not offer refunds!
6. Once you have added the appropriate fees, please click “Continue”, this will take you to the “Review of Your Cart” Page. Please review your cart and if all is correct, click “Check-out”.
7. Payment Page – Please select the type of credit card you will be using and complete the information for the credit card. Click the “Continue” button.
8. Confirmation Page – Read the Signature Page. Once you have read the signature page you must type the word “YES” and then click the “Submit” button to fully submit your entries. You will be able to print out your receipt from this page, and it will also be emailed to you.
*If leaving website at any time YOU MUST CLICK "SAVE CART"*